Pure oil – so that everything runs smoothly

Areas of use

Our ultra fine filter technology processes different kinds of oils:


A Automatic Transmissions Fluid (ATF)
B Bed track oil
Bio oils (more rapidly biodegradable hydraulic oils)
C Car gear oils
Circulation oils
Compressor oils
Cooling lubricants in machining
Cooling oil emulsions or cooling emulsions
Cooling tower fluid
Cutting oils
D Diesel
Drawling oils
E Emulsions: water/oil, oil/water
Engine oil (CHP, truck, car, ships, biogas system, power stations)
F Flow oils
Forming oils
G Gear oils
H Hardening oils and fluids
Heat transmission oils
Hydraulic oils
I Industrial gear oils
Industrial oils
Insulating oils
L Low-flammable hydraulic oils
M Machine oils
Machining oils
P Parts cleaning-/degreasing emulsions
R Refrigerator oils
T Transformer oils
Turbine oils
V Vacuum oils
Vacuum pump oils
W Water-glycol hydraulic oils