Pure oil – so that everything runs smoothly

Filter elements

Up to 1 µm: Excellent oil purity even surpasses new oil


Öl vorher-nachherUp to 1 µm: Excellent oil purity even surpasses new oil
The ultra-fine particle filtration up to NAS 1 (corresponds to ISO 4406: 13/10/7) provides the following benefits:

  • Receives important components of the oil such as additives
  • Absorbs up to 5 liters of water per element
  • Keeps the oil from aging
  • Works against contamination of the system
  • Extends oil change intervals
  • Ensures less failures (i.e. of servo valves)

3 sizes for different requirements
C-1000-filter: Maximum service life
C-750-filter: Long service life
C-500-filter: Low space requirement


6 types of filters: The proper processing for each type of oil

Types of filters Use Features Application examples NAS-purity classes ISO 4406 purity classes
1 water-based fluids with viscous character plastic content in the element cooling lubricants, water-glycol-fluids up to NAS 2 14/11/8
2 low-viscosity oils (up to 40 cSt) very high water absorption cutting-, transformer-, forming oils, kerosene, petrol up to NAS 1 13/10/7
3 medium-viscosity oils (20 cSt up to 60 cSt) high water absorption hydraulic oil, low-viscosity engine oil up to NAS 1 13/10/7
4 higher viscosity oils (40 cSt up to 75 cSt) good water absorption engine oils, higher viscosity hydraulic oils up to NAS 2 14/11/8
5 fluids with a high water content, water-/ oil-emulsions no water absorption cooling lubricants, water based hydraulic fluids up to NAS 2 14/11/8
6 high viscosity oils good water absorption gear oils, high viscosity engine oils up to NAS 2 14/11/8