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For large oil reservoirs: M 504

For large oil reservoirs: M 504

For large oil reservoirs M 504Our oil reservoir cleaning system M 504 has the capacity of cleaning large oil containers like large tanks and reservoirs, and to store enormous amounts of water and dirt.

The M 504 consists of 4 large C-1200 housings and achieves a flow of nearly 300 liter per minute. Due to the large filter elements (1.5 m purely axial flow) this machine is the solution to re-obtain an oil quality in reservoirs in fresh oil condition or better.

The M 504 is specified separately for each customer- specific use. It can also be delivered in the mobile version (see figure) if needed.



  • 400 V asynchronous-motor
  • Robust, stable gear pump, 6.5 kW
  • Manometer for flow- and element control
  • Pressure switch for selection setting in unattended operation
  • 24/7 – unattended operation
  • Transfer-circuit
  • Flow regulation for high viscosity oils Element lifter for fast filter exchange
  • Including crane for easy filter exchange