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Installation system C 1000 ES

Installation system C 1000 ES

Installation system C 1000 ESOur C 1000 ES cleans oil in the main flow with the purity of a partial-flow filter. The partial-flow filtration of technical oils is the most effective and cleanest way of filtration.
An ordinary main flow filter cannot remove very fine particles from the oil for kinematic and dynamic reasons, because it is exposed to the high pressure of the system.

In order to combine the benefit of the main flow filter – mounting in the main flow – with our excellent filter results, we have developed the installation system C 1000 ES. By use of a control block which consists (amongst others) of a pressure reducing valve and a volume flow control, we filter in the main flow with the results, which are even accepted in space travel since many years.


  • Also available in stainless steel or plastic coating
  • Ultra fine filtration in the main flow up to 1 µm particle size
  • System pressure possible up to 360 bar
  • Constructively simple to integrate, because the control block is installed on the housing
  • Including a manometer for element and pressure control
  • Including all fixing elements