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Laboratory values

DELTA TECHNOLOGY Filter systems Ltd. Laboratory values of the filling

Particle size (µm) 5 – 10 11 – 25 26 – 50 51 – 100 > 100
Practical example forming oil
Before filtration 26.309 3.174 1.119 187 92
After filtration 18 1 0 0 0
Practical example hydraulic oil
Before filtration 12.361 1.140 460 85 7
After filtration 10 2 0 0 0

Explanation: Measurement after filtration while filling a punch or a plastic injection molding machine


Oil samples hydraulic unit (click for a larger view)

Ölproben Hydraulikaggregat Seite 1 Ölproben Hydraulikaggregat Seite 2


Oil samples thick matter pump (click for a larger view)

Ölproben Dickstoffpumpe Seite 1 Ölproben Dickstoffpumpe Seite 2


Millipore-test result (click for a larger view)

Ergebnis Millipore-Test

Experimental setup for oil filtration on an injection moulding machine (click for a larger view)

Versuchsaufbau zur Oelfiltration

Test on a large automotive press (click for a larger view)



Elimination of water- and particles on turbine oil (click for a larger view)

Wasser- und Partikel-Eliminierung an Turbinenöl


Test result of heavily soiled cutting oil (click for a larger view)

Testergebnis an stark verschmutztem Schneidöl