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Mobile ultra fine filter system M 110

Mobile ultra fine filter system M 110

Mobile ultra fine filter system M 110Our mobile ultra fine filter system M 110 is a
processing machine for oils with coarse impurities such as swarf and suspended solids. Equipped with a washable pre-filter, coarse impurities are kept away from the main filter which significantly increases its life service once again.
It is constructed very robust and is easy to operate.
The vacuum display on the pre-filter enables an unattended continuous operation after switching on. An automatic pressure control and shutdown are also standard equipment of the M 110. In the processing of cutting oils for example, it stands for extremely short amortization times.



  • 230 V-alternative 400 V motor, robust and reliable, stable gear pump
  • Manometer for flow- and element control and for vacuum display in the pre-filter
  • Pressure switch for selection setting in unattended operation
  • 24/7 – unattended operation
  • Pumping without filtration (transfer)
  • Flow regulation for high viscosity oils
  • Element lifter for simple and fast element exchange