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Mobile ultra fine filter system M 120

Mobile ultra fine filter system M 120

Mobile ultra fine filter system M 120Our mobile ultra fine filter system M 120 is the processing machine for larger oil volumes. Its two hard chrome-plated housings can filter up to 2.100 liter per hour of flow.

The robust construction, the easy operation, and the possibility of using it in continuous operation without supervision makes it an ideal tool of a preventive maintenance strategy for large units.

Even while filling new oil in larger systems it eliminates condensed water and foreign particles reliably. The high flow guarantees a short amortization time due to cost savings in fresh oil, oil changes, and repairs.



  • 230 V-alternative 400 V motor, robust and reliable, stable gear pump
  • Manometer for flow- and element control
  • Pressure switch for selection setting in unattended operation
  • 24/7 – unattended operation
  • Pumping without filtration
  • Flow regulation for high viscosity oils
  • Element lifter for simple and fast element exchange