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Mobile ultra fine filter system M 130

Mobile ultra fine filter system M 130

Mobile ultra fine filter system M 130Our mobile ultra fine filter system M 130 is the flagship among the mobile filter systems. Equipped with a scalper, a (washable) pre-filter for coarse impurities (up to 5 µm, for example swarf), and two C-1000 housings, this system leaves nothing to be desired in order to process technical oils, water-/ oil- or oil-/water emulsions to excellent purities.

The scalper and the pre-filter increase the life service of your systems and the filter elements significantly due to the two-stage pre-filtration. This is followed by the oil processing with the reliable ultra fine filter elements which are also used in space travel. You achieve purity values up to NAS 1 (ISO 4406: 13/10/7) and better.



  • 230 V-alternative 400 V motor, robust and reliable
  • Stable gear pump
  • Manometer for flow- and element control
  • Pressure switch for selection setting in unattended operation
  • 24/7 – unattended operation
  • Transfer-circuit
  • Flow regulation for high viscosity oils
  • Element lifter for simple and fast element exchange