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Mobile ultra fine filter system M 1401

Mobile ultra fine filter system M 1401

Mobile ultra fine filter system M 1401The M 1401 is the successor of our ultra fine filter system M1001, which has proven itself over a period of many years. The M 1401 is the all-rounder among the mobile filter systems.

Equipped with a robust pump unit, a scalper, and our proven hard chrome-plated C-1000 housing, this treatment system is an all-rounder. No matter which technical oil is to be processed, the M 1401 completes its tasks in the factory just as reliable as, for example, in a quarry.

It is extremely easy to operate, has selected components from German production, and was very robustly designed.



  • 400 V-asynchronous motor, 0.55 kW, robust construction
  • Stable gear pump, 14 liter/minute
  • Manometer for flow- and element control
  • 24/7 – unattended operation
  • Transfer-circuit
  • Flow regulation for high viscosity oils
  • 2.50 m flow-/return hose
  • Also suitable for high viscosity oils