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Oil recycling system RS 6000

Oil recycling system RS 6000

Oil recycling system RS 6000The system RS 6000 is a high-performing recycling system that cleans large oil volumes in several process stages. This system was constructed for many years of reliable work without service.

By several process steps such as heating and settling, large amounts of water and dirt are removed. Additionally, the usage of settling technology and a pre-filter increases the service life of the main filter.

The RS 6000 can be operated manually, semi- automatic, and fully automatic.

It is the ideal recycling system for central treatment of, for example, cutting oil or cooling lubricants.



  • 400 V asynchronous-motor
  • Robust, stable gear pump
  • Free choice of settling- and heating times and the number of filter passes
  • Either manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation
  • Displays for operation- and process status
  • Flow regulation for high viscosity oils
  • Element lifter for fast filter exchange